Dances With Women

Dances With Women (versione in eBook)

di Ani Corné

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Despite the mature age of 55, Benedict von Karbroich was a regular Peter Pan; at least, concerning his behaviour in private. His professional life, he admittedly approached with more seriousness, and as such was rewarded with the respective economic success allowing him a certain life-style. Indeed, he was very careful not jeopardize this financially stable situation in any way, as it was tantamount to necessity. All his hobbies were rather expensive (fast cars and and an extensive collection of ever changing girlfriends alas were amongst his favourites). The latter, unfortunately, usually entailed excessively high "advertising costs", and these - to his great regret - were not tax deductible. All-in-all, life couldn't haven been any better. Everything was just going swell, that is... until he met Inez! Little does he know it, but this middle-aged Casanova is soon to meet his personal Waterloo; in the lovely shape of a woman 20 years his junior. This experience will leave his ego badly bruised, but himself surprisingly unrepentant. One would assume that after such a traumatic event, he would change his ways, but he stumbles straight into the next complicated and terribly exhausting relationship, with yet another unhappy ending. And, it is not to be his last! As the years pass, he slowly starts to feel his age and fear is creeping into him. "Someday, you will surely die alone", he can hear a whisper ever so often in his head. Said whisper presents itself thereafter with heavy regularity, until, one day, to his surprise evoking actual epiphany! This 'stroke of genius' may well be termed "better the devil you know...", at the same time, insanely suggesting a rueful return into the arms of his ex-wife! But to Benedict's slightly narcissistic ego that plan makes perfect sense. 'So what's 15 years? After all, he has always supported her quite generously since their divorce, hasn't he? Besides, half of the house is still his.

Quarta di copertina

And, there wouldn’t be any nasty surprises either; they knew each other far too well for that. Naturally, companionship is all he has in mind!' Of course, sensible and independent woman his former wife, Clara, has always been (after all, she had been smart enough to divorce the man, right?), she most certainly does not want him back. Hence, her polite but firm refusal of his "so generous" offer to spend their remaining days together. His 'genius' plan gone awry, Benedict is forced to take up the hunt again; this time, at an age, most men are not just contemplating retirement, but already enjoying it. He soon has to realise that chasing women isn't half as fun as it used to be. Especially now, when the mounting fear of growing old was the only wingman at his side. Not prepared to admit defeat so readily, he bravely throws himself, one last time, into this game he once mastered with such ease. He vowed to himself to find her... that one special female who would protect him from the unsavoury fate he so dreaded. But time was of essence, thus, his conquest must be swift! His so intended mission, however, is met with one seemingly insurmountable obstacle. All the women he encounters, are demanding the one thing from him he has never been able to give: his faithfulness! Will Benedict's hunt be crowned by success or must he succumb to his presumed fate?

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  • GenereUmorismo
  • Editore:Smashwords Edition
  • Data uscita:15/06/2021
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  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9781370461516

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