About Bulgarian Barbarity (minuses, yet also pluses)

About Bulgarian Barbarity (minuses, yet also pluses) (versione in eBook)

di Chris Myrski

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Contents | 0. Introduction and definition Historical proofs and climatic excuses Democratic propagation of barbarity Comparisons with other countries Civilized inhumanity Civilized barbarity Conclusive explanations APPENDIX: Tribute To … Barbarity | And a bit from Introduction and definition | To tell you the truth, I have thought about writing of this essay for about 5 years or so, but have never managed to come to it because there were all the time some more important things to do first, and this idea was shifted to the back of the stack. I have done this because for me, as also, I suppose, for every intelligent Bulgarian — not that there are many such persons, but probably a pair of thousands could have been gathered together by some thorough search — is, or must be, obvious that we are, /unquestionably/, barbarians, yet, not only that, if you could excuse me now, the own … excrements do not smell, but there are also some /unbelievable pluses/ of this situation, and some barbarians, i.e. we, the Bulgarians at least, are in several aspects /preferable/ before some of the most civilized countries! Yeah, really, neither the Devil (for He is /Deo/ evil/, after all, He must be capitalized) is so black as He is pictured, nor (I’ll tell you, but I suppose that everyone in his heart suspects this) the very God is so good like we would have wished Him to be. So that the things are, for one thing, obvious, but, for another thing, misunderstood, and, for one more thing, must not be kept hidden in the heads of some gone ahead of their time thinkers, they must be made known to the people (all around the world). Because of this I am doing this now, yet I must confess that I have long ago forgotten my initial ideas, or some of them have turned to be difficult to be done, but it is better to produce /one/ version of my ideas than no one at all.

Quarta di copertina

Still, these are only excuses, and if you all take for granted that with the years I continue to become more and more intelligent — though this is hardly possible, ha, ha, so that look at these my words like at a figure of speech —, then this current version will be in no case worse than the initially considered by me; having in mind also that there are no previous versions preserved you can as well take this my work (too) as second to none, right? Now let me continue with my unique thoughts, let me define what I will understand here under barbarity, because there are different views at the matters. For one thing, chiefly etymological, … | And what I mean then under barbarian, ah? Well, in order to show you that I am really very clever, enlightened (and, hence, ready to leave this world, right?), I will say that I understand, roughly, this what … /all people/ on the West (i.e. in Western Europe, and my uniqueness consist in this that I take the commonly accepted beliefs as right, don’t invent some unreal things) understand, that we are unbelievers, or heathens, or ghiaurs according to the Turks (they write it now as gâvur, where this ‘gjau’, come to think of old roots, has to be some cry with which one … drives animals, surely), believing in nothing, in what people living in civilized countries believe! Only that this is too /fuzzy/ definition, one can not go to /all/ people of Western Europe and ask them what they think about this or that, neither ask someone arbitrarily chosen each time, and this will always be questionable. And because the religions are, after all, different, and the point is not exactly in this but in the behaviour of such people, and there can be also atheists who are not at all barbarians (at least I insist on this), I have long ago, before about a quarter of a century (nearly in the first pair of years of my appearing as writer), come to one working definition of /any religion/, and from here the barbarians can be defined as people who are no

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