Open Letter To God Almighty (philosophical essay)

Open Letter To God Almighty (philosophical essay) (versione in eBook)

di Chris Myrski

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Contents | 0. Why a letter to hardly existing God? What God means, and why we need Him? Why the living matter was created? Why this bottom-up method? To what purpose is everything? Bye-bye, God, or a new miracle APPENDIX: If I Were God | And a bit from Why a letter to hardly existing God? | My dear God, | I may be an atheist and may not believe in existence of divine beings, but this is a matter of /believing/, this proves nothing! So that don’t be put astray by such simple arguments for nearly imbeciles because I am an intelligent being, and the question of You existence must not change the rules of politeness; besides, I am not questioning Your reasonable, even super-reasonable behaviour, I am questioning only Your existence as some substance or entity, so to say. So that I must have some reasons for writing to You, surely, and even if You are bound to know everything about everything, hence also this trifle of reasons for writing of one more letter, I will explain my intentions, because, well, let’s say because of Your subordinates, they may not bother to pass this letter to Your Supremacy (although there are other reasons to which I am coming). One may say that I am writing to You because I pose some very important questions to You, which can be of interest for everybody, so that You may show a wish to write some New Testament or the like where to answer these and many other questions, what is probable, this letter of mine can be used in this way, yet You will quickly understand that this is not the real reason, because my questions are too philosophical, they are not such that a common worker or housewife or child will ask; these questions may be used as schedule for a meeting of some Executive Counsel of gods, if You have had such a thing, but I’m afraid that You haven’t, You must be the sole master there.

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Or You can accept the letter as a kind of prayer or confession, or the like, what each believer can do sometimes, surely, yet I am /not/ a believer, as I said; and even if I will some day become a believer in You (or some other god) I will never begin to pray, this is too debasing for me, and also utterly /undemocratic/. And also, as I hinted, I am /un/commonly clever, so that the reason for this my letter has to be more twisted and original. If so You may be inclined to think — if You have not known everything in advance, as I said, but, with Your permission, I will suppose here that this is not the case, that You are kind of my pal (and it may even happen that I will curse You sometimes, why not, it is so between pals), because otherwise I must just stay dumb as if hit by thunder and mumble something like “ah”, “oh”, “wow”, etc., what has to be the reason for inventing of English word “worship” — so that You may come to the thought that I may just pretend that am writing a letter to You but, in fact, am speaking with myself, am trying to make some questions clear to me. In this case I may say that, well, You are a clever Guy, this is now near to the truth, because this is how it usually is, one begins to explain something to his collocutor in order to understand it /alone/ better, this is why the professors give lectures, to check one more time some professional truths, this is something extraordinary as reason, yes, but not enough for me. There has to be another more peculiar reason to write a letter to some highly placed authority, who usually does not bother about the applicant. Now, let me give You some more information (my clever Pal), let me tell You that in my nearly 70 years I have written several times letters to high authorities, and they were answered, say, fifty-fifty, when were /closed/, but as open they were /never/ answered! … So that my conclusion is that: open letters are not read by those to whom they are sent, but they /are read/ by /other/ peop

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