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George H.W. Bush. Stansfield Turner. William Webster. Robert Gates. James Woolsey. John Deutch. George Tenet. Porter Goss. General Michael Hayden. Leon Panetta. General David Petraeus. John Brennan. Michael Pompeo. Gina Haspel. They’re among Washington’s most powerful figures of the last half-century: a president, admiral, FBI director, NSA director, four-star general, defense secretary, congressman. But they have one thing above all in common, a shared bond that transcends their political differences: Every one has served as director of the CIA. This is their story, told for the first time. It is the story of an agency that answers to the United States president alone, but whose activities – spying, espionage and covert action – take place on every continent in the world. Political journalist and New York Times bestselling author Chris Whipple undertakes an intriguing and enlightening study of this unique job that protects the interests of the United States of America, interviewing all current living ex chiefs, as well as the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency – Gina Haspel. Praise for Chris Whipple’s The Gatekeepers “Entertaining and engaging.” —Wall Street Journal “Compelling and insightful... destined to take its place alongside classic works by Richard Neustadt, Theodore White and other White House chroniclers… A must-read.” —Huffington Post “[Whipple’s] prose is clear, crisp and often evocative…his observations ring true as he tracks the development of the office.” —Washington Times “Chris Whipple takes us deep inside one of the most important and demanding jobs in Washington—White House chief of staff. Here we get to know how great power is managed, and exercised by those who have held the job. If you're a political junkie or merely curious, this is the book for you.

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” —Tom Brokaw, former anchor, NBC Nightly News “A vibrant narrative of the real-world West Wing…confident and fast-paced… In this page-turner of a history, readers will discover new facets of historical events that they felt they already knew.” —Publishers Weekly

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  • GenerePolitica
  • Editore:Simon & Schuster UK
  • Data uscita:28/04/2020
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