Diane D The Return Of The Other Personality

Diane D The Return Of The Other Personality (versione in eBook)

di Doris Miller

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Staff members at Diane D's family's organization are standing in the hallway talking. They find out that Diane D is let out of the mental institution temporary. They find out that she is in her family’s custody and is back at the organization. It is causing fear around the organization making everyone feel very uncomfortable and afraid knowing Diane D’s presence is there at the organization. Several children in the hallway approach the staff members! They claim to have seen Diane D sitting in a chair inside her grandmother Margarita’s office angrily looking out the doorway at them as they passed by Margarita’s office doorway. Staff members start to wonder could it be the evil, vicious, powerful and dangerous other personality of Diane D’s sitting there in the chair inside Margarita’s office angrily looking at the children. The children also claim to have seen something black strapped around both of Diane D’s ankles. Days later, a young man is very angry and upset about the murder of his father who was one of the police officers killed by Diane D’s other personality. He angrily plots revenge against Diane D as he creeps up the back stairwell of the organization with a gun. Suddenly Diane D appears out of no where and comes face to face with the man! The man then claims that Diane D is stalking him! He claims to have nightmares about her coming after him! Family members of the victims Diane D's other personality has killed are at a local hotel sitting inside a large conference room listening to a speech Diane D is making to them as she stands in front of the room at a podium. She apologizes to them for her shocking crime she did to their loved ones the year prior which she still claims not to remember doing! Another young man whose father was one of the swat team members killed by Diane D’s other personality becomes very angry with Diane D.

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He stands up from his seat and hollers, screams and swears at her accusing her of harming, tearing up and bringing pain and suffering to his family. Diane D apologizes to the man but the man angrily heads towards her continuing to holler, scream and swear at her. Diane D hollers back at the man and warns him not to come near her! The man ignores Diane D’s warning and heads straight to her! He then lunges at Diane D! Diane D uses her martial arts skills and immediately goes into defense mode! Things do not go well for the man. People around the community start to protest calling for Diane D’s deportation! Diane D’s family take her back to see Dr. Stone again. They tell Dr. Stone that this evil, vicious other personality of Diane D’s is ruining her life causing everyone to be afraid of her and causing her to be locked away and maybe deported that they want him to get rid of this evil, vicious personality once and for all! Dr. Stone tells Diane D’s family that the only way to try and get rid of her other personality again is for Diane D to be hypnotized again, but this time, Diane D will have to be locked inside a bolted room where she or her other personality can’t escape, just in case her other personality comes out to the surface and becomes dangerous and vicious and winds up killing again! Dr. Stone tells six young female nurse interns in the hospital hallway to go in the examining room and lift Diane D from the hospital bed to the examining table. The nurses tell Dr. Stone that they fear Diane D and do not want to deal with her. Dr. Stone demands the nurses to transfer Diane D anyway. Later, two of the nurses get injured by Diane D then flee the examining room! Later, the four remaining nurses secretly witness Diane D do something so strange inside the examining room. They scream in fear and flee out the examining room! Later, Dr. Stone finds out that both Diane D and Dana are possessed by the same entity!

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  • Editore:Smashwords Edition
  • Collana:DIANE D
  • Data uscita:07/09/2020
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