The Audacity to Be Queen

The Audacity to Be Queen (versione in eBook)

The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life

di Gina Devee

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An unapologetic guide for women on how to achieve success in their personal lives and careers using the manifestos of a monarch. Jen Sincero says "Gina DeVee's relentless ass-kicking helped me out of the garage and into a whole new financial reality." In every woman lives a Queen. When empowered, she is smart, feminine, confident, dynamic. But though many young girls are told to dream big and shoot for the stars, as those same girls grow up, they learn that chasing their goals and living life on their own terms is easier said than done. Throw in a few curve ball hits to their confidence along the way, and many of them simply give up on pursuing that bright, limitless future they'd once envisioned. Many Queens forget that they've been wearing a crown this whole time. That's where Gina DeVee comes in. In The Audacity to Be Queen, renowned women's empowerment and business coach Gina DeVee shows women how to reclaim their divine power, make their own rules, and take their kingdom by the reins. Historically, Queens have gotten a bad rap, and DeVee is here to set the record straight. Being a Queen doesn't mean being a diva or being bitchy, and it's not about being weak or ditsy. A Queen is compassionate, powerful, and self-assured. By owning her intelligence, her intuition, and her creativity, she is able to manifest her desires and fulfill her spiritual calling while being boldly unapologetic about being a Queen. Within the pages of this book, DeVee weaves together personal, intimate stories from her own life and the lives of other Queens alongside practical exercises women can use to create a long-lasting transformation in their own lives. From learning how to manage her own financial investments to empowering her to create meaningful relationships at work and with loved ones, The Audacity to Be Queen encourages the modern woman to embrace what's rightfully hers and harness the full potential of her purpose.

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The Audacity to Be Queen is a manifesto fit for a monarch, and the complete go-to guide for living a truly legendary life.

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