Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park (versione in eBook)

di Jane Austen

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Mansfield Park thematically centers on the issue of morality in three different layers of society: the aristocratic Bertrams, the fashionable, city-dwelling Crawfords, and the down-and-out Prices. Although the protagonist, Fanny Price, is merely a poor, shy relation, more than willing to be marginalized by the effusive Bertrams and the sophisticated Crawfords, she surpasses them all through her innate sense of morality and familial duty. Although she loves Edmund Bertram, she keeps her feelings to herself because she realizes he loves Mary Crawford. She refuses to manipulate him into thinking otherwise, even though she herself realizes Mary is manipulative and disingenuous. Furthermore, although she has the opportunity to marry Henry Crawford, she forgoes the chance to be rich and socially elevated in hopes that she will find true love. In the end, Fanny emerges triumphant because she sees those around her for what they truly are. By remaining true to her own values, she wins Edmund's love, as well as the respect and adoration of everyone at Mansfield Park. As a poor nine-year-old, Fanny Price comes to live with Lady Bertram and Sir Thomas Bertram at their estate, Mansfield Park. Fanny is ill-treated by her other aunt, Mrs. Norris, and is looked down upon by her cousins: Tom, the eldest, who likes to drink and gamble, and the cruel Maria and Julia, who want to have nothing to do with Fanny because she doesn't have fashionable clothes. Edmund, the younger Bertram son, who is destined to be a clergyman, is kind to Fanny, and becomes her dearest friend. Fanny spends the rest of her childhood in this luxurious environment, but is constantly reminded of her status. She remains at the beck and call of both of her aunts, knowing full well that if she isn't obliging, she could very well be thrown out. In time, Tom Bertram's gambling debts and wild behavior cause Sir Thomas serious financial troubles.

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He is forced to leave Mansfield Park for Antigua, where he owns plantations, and must allow another parson, Dr. Grant, to replace Mr. Norris after he dies, instead of holding the parsonage in abeyance for his younger son, Edmund. In his absence, Mary and Henry Crawford, the much younger siblings of Mrs. Grant, arrive from London and take up temporary residence at the parsonage. Henry and Mary are attractive and sophisticated, and quickly become welcome guests at Mansfield Park. Henry flirts openly with the Bertram daughters - Maria, who has just become engaged to the wealthy Mr. Rushworth, and Julia, the younger daughter. Mary becomes interested in Edmund, although she does not realize that he is destined for the clergy. To complicate matters, Fanny comes to realize that over the years she has fallen in love with Edmund. When Tom Bertram returns to Mansfield Park, he brings his friend Yates with him. Tom's suggestion that the group stage a play that Yates has been yearning to produce is met with great exuberance by all except Edmund and Fanny, who are horrified at the idea of acting because it would not be condoned by Sir Thomas, were he present. Despite their feelings, the production of the scandalous Lovers' Vowsgathers steam. To Fanny's great relief, Sir Thomas returns from Antigua the day before the play's debut. He is furious with the improper behavior of his family in his absence, and appreciates Fanny's objections to the performance. Although Maria is attracted to Henry Crawford, she nevertheless marries Rushworth for his money and estate and leaves Mansfield Park for London with her sister, Julia. Edmund's relationship with Mary Crawford continues to grow - much to Fanny's dismay. She is Edmund's confidante, and he has no idea of her true feelings for him. Henry turns to Fanny for admiration while Maria and Julia are away, and in time realizes that he has in fact fallen in love with her. When her brother William comes to Mansfield Park for a visit a ball is

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