How Darkness Lies: Book 3 : Darkness Awakes - the Series

How Darkness Lies: Book 3 : Darkness Awakes - the Series (versione in eBook)

di Jonny Newell

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Jonny Newell's latest anthology series - DARKNESS AWAKES with horror themed tales for the ADULT reader . Containing a balance of new, revised, sequel stories, and poetry for true lovers of unsettling horror and suspense based themes. With a believable blend of characters explored from the despised devils to the loved heroes, the gruesome to the ghostly. From the ridiculous looking to the cutest of angels. BUT BE WARNED! Some stories are very DARK . Book 3 - How DARKNESS LIES. This book # 3 of the series has 2 sequels to previous stories I wrote many, many full moons ago murder, revenge and resurrection are on the agenda! I think we'll need some unlikely heroes in this one! Stories:1 - Trolley Man / 2 - Shattered Mirrors / 3 - The Dog Whisperer / 4 - Under a Black Sun 2 /5 - Devil’s Daughter Exert from story 5 - Devil's Daughter It has been a long time since my world was torn away from sanity but as a father, I must carry on. Did I eventually realize that life needs to be written as it is … God’s way? The answer was always – yes! No more do I dabble in pretending to be him and my resurrection days are long gone. My focus in life has been, being a father and that solely. Of course she is no ordinary daughter to raise by any means, but still, she is my daughter. Petara is now 19 and she is unsettlingly beautiful, protruding cheeks, snow white skin, full body length of black hair and if you ask me who she more resembles, Petra or Barbara, well I change my mind daily. On the darkest days though, she is neither but I what do see is … death. I have guided and protected her from all I can but she is now the monster I so despise. A girl that kills without reason or guilt. It was my doing so it is also my sole responsibility to clean up after her, hiding and disposing of the bodies. Why do I do this? I am the creator and if I have anything I can do to pay my penance for my ignorance then I must protect the world from her as much as humanly possible.

Quarta di copertina

Can I kill my own daughter? I am not so sure but her increasing thirst for blood leaves me no choice but to consider it.

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  • GenereHorror
  • Listino:€ 2,77
  • Editore:Smashwords Edition
  • Collana:DARKNESS Awakes
  • Data uscita:28/02/2019
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  • Formato:EPUB
  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9780463977927

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