From Hobo to Millionaire

From Hobo to Millionaire (versione in eBook)

di Lee Jackson

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This story will have things that you have never seen before, but these things are true. There are parts of this story that are unimaginable, but they are true. There are even parts of this story that have probably never happened before in human history, but they are also true. The writer -Neil Gaiman- tells us "start telling the stories that only you can tell..." This is a true story that only I can tell. Truth is absolutely more bizarre and amazing than fiction. Welcome to the CONFESSIONAL SERIES. William got down on his knees, one hand on a rickety old shovel for balance, and the other reaching into a skunk den to pull out the unfortunate critter by its tail. Turning his face to keep from being blinded by skunk spray, he grinned and declared to his new young bride, who was standing by with a big wooden club in her hands; "I'm going to become so rich, that when I depart this world, I will be able to leave $50,000 to each of our yet to be born children." She laughed. Those seemed like pretty high ideals for a man who lived under a lean-to in the forest. He even had to bury his clothes for 3 days in the dirt just to take off some of the stench, before he could bring the skunk skins into town to sell them. It was the Great Depression, thousands of homeless hitched rides on trains across America and Canada looking for work wherever they could find it, William was one of them. At the age of 23, doing part time farm labor for a prosperous family, he met their red headed daughter and asked her to elope with him. She agreed, even though there was one unusual problem, she had never even seen his face. Follow the amazing triumphs of this man and his wife, who when they started out, were forced to dig up skunks and sell their skins just to survive. Discover how they defy impossible odds and face unthinkable setbacks that nearly destroy them.

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You will see by their example, that as long as you have breath in you, nothing can hold you back? "From Hobo to Millionaire" is a true Rags to Riches inspirational story for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have ever thought that life throws too many obstacles in your way, this is a must read. You will never look at your problems in the same way again.

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