Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu

Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu (versione in eBook)

di Marguerite Arnold

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The modern cannabis reform revolution kicked off for real, with no backward glances, in both Canada and the United States in 2014. As described in the first book of the series (Green: The First 12 Months of Modern American Marijuana Reform), the seismic changes in the entire Prohibition discussion were too forward-reaching this time to be rolled back. However, as 2019 dawned, the battle for normalization still rages just about everywhere. And further does so against a backdrop of much more far-reaching political and social turmoil that ranges from the impact of the Trump White House in the U.S. to Brexit on the other side of the Atlantic and far beyond. Five years on, and the topic of "cannabis reform" in fact is a part of the mainstream zeitgeist of the times, both directly and in more subtle ways. This includes the development of an international industry at a time when trade regs, international diplomatic rules and the entire Post War if not late 20th Century international diplomatic order itself is being challenged. And from the medical side, beyond scientific acceptance of cannabis the drug, reform is also touching off heated conversations about healthcare far beyond the cannabis plant - from political debates about reform to demands for more proof of medical efficacy from those at the institutional entities, like health insurers now on the front end of remittance for the same. As the issue heats up at the regional level in other words in Europe during 2019, it is also clear how far the entire discussion has yet to go. In the U.S., no matter the success of state markets, federal reform is still unrealized. In Canada, the recreational market has just become reality and the public producers have huge reach now globally.

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But what of other places and conversations? And what about all the unrealized issues in just about every market that start with patient access and of course include industry regulation and compliance? What is the real state of the industry now? And where is it going in the next five to ten years, both regionally and globally? "Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu" provides insight and updates on these issues. It borrows a page from the format of the first book in the series by covering the momentous events of reform as they unfold in Europe during 2019. Like its prequel, Green II rips issues and events out of the headlines, on a month-by-month basis, and analyzes them and their impact on market development, societal acceptance and market creation within the context of a now inexorable movement both in Europe and globally. The book also features stories and interviews with the market makers, the entrepreneurs, and those who are shifting the conversation politically and otherwise in what is expected to be not only the most valuable medical cannabis market in the world, but the place where the needle about medical efficacy and wider societal acceptance is finally expected to take root.

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