Wide Awake + Vibrant Energy

Wide Awake + Vibrant Energy (versione in eBook)

di Volker Inderjot Paul

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„When your body and mind is in proper balance, when your energy body is in full vibrancy, chronic diseases cannot exist in the body.“ Wide Awake + Vibrant Energy ( or simply WAVE ) is a transformative guide for self-empowerment that provides everything you need to reach your best health. The wisdom distilled in this profound and engaging book offers the opportunity to achieve nothing less than a life of happiness and wellbeing. With over 350 pages it is packed with tips and practical strategies, detailed explanations and accessible summaries of actionable information, visual guides combined with powerful kundalini yoga and meditation practices that will align the mind and the body energies around and within. It will help you to create an enduring foundation within yourself and live a truly authentic and holistic life. Change your energy and it will change your life. Become the architect of your own wellbeing. It is time…start riding the WAVE… „You may feel disconnected from any understanding of how to cultivate health. You may feel unable to understand what the energy body is, how it works, and how to work with it. Then my friend i invite you to make this book your constant companion. It will become your one-stop-shop for inner stability, peace and happiness.“ - Volker Inderjot Paul ------------ About the author: Volker Inderjot Paul is an intuitive energy worker, healer and most important a devoted student of life. For more than a decade he lived in holistic communities in Europe and Ashrams in India. He studied and trained with more than a dozen different teachers and great masters from three different continents and practiced numerous forms of mystical paths. Combining ancient eastern wisdom and techniques with modern western science and their modalities he build up an encyclopedic knowledge of methods and practices to live really healthy and bring more happiness and energy in your life. Learn more about him on www.inderjot.com

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